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“The EMERION team was instrumental in working with our team architecting, designing and implementing our North-American wide ERP and BI solutions; allowing us to fully integrate some 30+ disparate legacy systems representing our three lines of business under one common ERP.”

Director of America's, IT Solutions, Worldwide Manufacturing Company

Technology Solutions

Information is a crucial corporate asset and must be managed appropriately to deliver knowledge back to the business. For instance, sharing informational content across the enterprise in a structured, collaborative manner has become a critical success factor. Information technology innovation has also become essential to satisfy the demand for organizations to do much more with fewer resources.

If that's not enough, government and private sector IT organizations face a multitude of challenges daily. Mission-critical systems are accessed directly by customers and suppliers and must therefore be available 24/7 hosted on a highly secure IT infrastructure. Many organizations manage large portfolios of Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) and/or custom-built business applications. There is a continuous need to add new functionality, renew legacy systems and enhance application integration.

Adding to the complexity, IT departments that manage diverse infrastructures and application portfolios require a wide array of skills that are often not available in-house. All the while, new technologies are being introduced into the market at a rapid pace.

At EMERION our Technology Solutions are designed to assist IT organizations with their infrastructure management, application evolution and integration projects. We work with you to examine, assess and provide recommendations on how specific technology solutions can increase productivity, reduce costs, enhance collaboration and stream-line operations all while adhering to corporate policy and respecting regulatory and compliance requirements.

Our Technology Solutions consultants are on the cutting edge of IT innovation. With a vast IM/IT expertise covering an array of application platforms, from legacy mainframe and client-server systems, to Web-based and service oriented architectures (SOA).