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Privacy and Security Management

Your Needs

Over the years, organizations have heavily invested in information technology to automate their business processes, and more recently, to extend these systems outside of the enterprise to be able to interact directly and electronically with various stakeholders - business clients, citizens, employees and business partners. In this new digital and mobile world, Business and Government need to adapt to evolving privacy policy, access to information and regulations when dealing with personal information. In addition, organizations need to protect the information they hold, reduce their vulnerabilities and address threats from both inside and outside the organization.

Our Expertise

At EMERION, we offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions to assist your organization with its Privacy and Security Management needs. Our offerings include the development of your frameworks, internal policies and practices, the assessment of your security threat and risks, the assessment of information privacy impacts and the definition of your security governance. Our offerings also include technology solutions to assist with access and identity management, data security and network threat management.

Service Offerings

  • Privacy and Security Advisory and Consulting
  • Privacy and Security Strategies and Policies
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • Federated Identity Management Solutions (FIMS)

How We Can Help

EMERION's team of qualified and experienced consultants can help you obtain the most value for your Privacy and Security Management (PSM) initiatives using proven approaches and industry best practices. Using our flexible delivery model, you can engage us to complement your existing team or to take ownership of managing your project and delivering a turnkey solution. Either way you choose, our goal is to ensure we are a true partner in the success of your PSM initiative. Contact us today for more information on our PSM services at

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