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Information Management

Your Needs

Your organization relies on information and corporate knowledge as one of the key assets to deliver its products, services and programs, thus its organization’s mandate. The majority of this information is now generated and stored in documents and unstructured content repositories such as websites, shared drives and e-mail that may not be properly managed as corporate assets. As organizations continue to transform to the digital world, they must ensure authenticated information can be effectively retrieved and accessed to support decision making in a timely fashion. In addition, information as a key asset must be managed through its lifecycle for compliance with information and privacy regulations and to meet litigation requirements. As such organizations are looking for the right services and solutions to manage their information, create the appropriate awareness within their users / clients and have it enabled by mobile technology to meet management and staff’s expectations.

Service Offerings

  • IM Advisory and Consulting
  • IM and ECM Strategies
  • Information Architecture
  • Record Keeping
  • EDRMS Solution Implementation and Support
  • Open Government Strategies and Plans
  • Collaboration Solution

Our Expertise

At EMERION, our Information Management (IM) services and solutions provide you with a framework and a set of technologies to address the management of your important information assets. Our comprehensive IM services and solutions include information and recordkeeping processes, Open Government strategies and support and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies to manage business content (e.g. documents, web content, rich media such as images and videos, and e-mail) throughout their life cycle, from creation to archiving and destruction. This content can then be delivered through various electronic channels in accordance with your corporate information access and security policies.

How We Can Help

EMERION's team of qualified and experienced consultants can help you obtain the most value for your IM initiatives using proven approaches and industry best practices. Using our flexible delivery model, you can engage us to complement your existing team or to take ownership of managing your project and delivering a turnkey solution. Either way you choose, our goal is to ensure we are a true partner in the success of your IM initiative. Contact us today for more information on our IM services at

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