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"EMERION was key in working with our business groups, helping us define a clear vision and blueprint for this business transformation initiative. They properly managed expectations and provided great change management leadership and expertise. The end state solution streamlined our business operations and enabled us to be more efficient."

COO, National Members-based Advocacy Organization

Business Consulting

Regulations, laws, policies and often market forces require government and private sector organizations to engage in strategic planning. Their goal is to formulate a strategic plan to guide their business in alignment with their objectives while taking into account their needs and the operating environment. While most strategic planning efforts do produce a strategic plan, the majority of these documents fail to be properly implemented often due to poor internal communication of the business benefits and inadequate change management execution

At EMERION we believe the real value of strategic planning is in the process, not only the documented plan. Strategic planning is an evolutionary process that should be part of an on-going management life cycle. Whether your business is working like a well-oiled machine or overall performance is a question mark, periodically all organizations need to step back and re-assess the big picture.

EMERION's Business Consulting service is there to support your business optimization efforts. Our Business Consulting services are all about helping you detail your organizational objectives and goals. We scope/define initiatives, plan your projects, recommend monitoring mechanisms, and when required we develop and implement organizational change management programs.

We use proven methods and apply recognized project planning and management techniques. We take a comprehensive approach to risk management thereby ensuring the successful transformation of your business is aligned with your strategic objectives. And most importantly, with the strategic use of our Business Consulting services you can avoid wasting resources on short-term tactical fire fighting and start making investments that pay dividends.

Business managers benefit most when the business consulting efforts are undertaken early in the strategic planning process and when the monitoring and feedback mechanisms are timely and tied to actionable outcomes.