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Application Portfolio Management

Your Needs

Over the years, organizations have invested in the development and enhancement of numerous applications to support the delivery of their programs, services and outcomes. Through these investments, organizations have accumulated a large number of applications that are in various states of alignment with current and future business requirements and supported technology. As funds for investment and maintenance become increasingly scarce there is still a need for increased interoperability and integration with the organization and with external stakeholders. In this changing world, both Business and Government need to adapt by ensuring that they have the right set of applications supported by the appropriate technology to allow their business to evolve in a nimble and effective manner. This objective is achieved through the assessment, consolidation and reduction of the number of applications, simplifying the number and types of technology platforms and reducing ongoing maintenance activities to free up funds to support new business demands.

Service Offerings

  • Application Architecture
  • Application Portfolio Rationalization
  • Application Development Methodologies
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Application Upgrade and Migration
  • COTS Implementation and Integration
  • Mobile Strategies and Solutions

Our Expertise

At EMERION, we have developed extensive experience in the successful delivery of services and solutions that allow clients to address specific challenges using a predictable and proven approach. We have successfully provided services to address areas such as: the development of frameworks, policies and practices, the development of business and application architectures and strategies, the assessment and development of application lifecycle methodology and governance, and application inventory assessments. Working together we can help clients achieve the business outcomes they are seeking.

How We Can Help

EMERION's team of qualified and experienced consultants can help you obtain the most value for your Application Portfolio Management (APM) initiatives using proven approaches and industry best practices. Using our flexible delivery model, you can engage us to complement your existing team or to take ownership of managing your project and delivering a turnkey solution. Either way you choose, our goal is to ensure we are a true partner in the success of your APM initiative. Contact us today for more information on our APM services at

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